• Perspective
  •   To be the biggest and most influential company in field of information and communication technology services in logistics industry.
  • Organizational Values
  • We are fully committed to do our responsibilities and obligations as best as possible, so that in addition to protecting our own profit, can be reliable and trustworthy to our customers.
  • We regard our human resources as the most significant asset of the company; therefore, we will provide them with the grounds for growth and prosperity.
  • We know "Wisdom" (the knowledge of practical activities), and "power" (capability to do obligations properly) as the pivot of growth and expansion of our activities.
  • Human Resources
RAHYAB Rayaneh Gostar Co. Ltd. consists of 90 technical specialists, 76 personnel at Tehran office and 14 others at Bandar Abbas port. Considering the spirit of round the clock ports’ activities and value added services of Short Messaging System, the organization of project members is planned in a way that makes providing 24-hour supporting services to customers and users.
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