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RAHYAB Rayaneh Gostar was founded in 19 Feb 1998 as a private joint stock company and was enrolled in Tehran company registration office and industrial property, under registration No. 148206 dated 17 Feb 1998.
The initial capital of the company had been Rls.100, 000,000 but according to the capital increase approved by extraordinary general assembly of 14 Oct. 2007 it was increased from Rls.100,000,000 consisting of 10,000 shares worth Rls.10,000 per share to the total amount of Rls.5,100,000,000 containing 510,000 shares of Rls.10,000.

According to the enactment of shareholders’ general assembly for the financial year ending 19 March 2012, the company was obliged to follow up the required procedures in order to enter the stock market. Therefore, it was decided that company’s capital increases to Rls.50, 000,000,000, then type of the Company has changed to public joint stock and its shares were offered through the stock market.
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